Your questions, answered

We strive to be transparent about everything we put in our food, so you can make better choices. If your question isn’t answered below, send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Are these Keto meals??

All our meals are VLC (very low carbohydrate) meals. Keto ratios and specific diets can be different for different people and ratios for you may vary. To find out if these meals will work for you check out the nutritional information that accompanies each meal.

Who is this for?

These meals are designed to be healthy, period. But they are specifically designed to meet a low carb requirement for those looking to reduce the carb intake through a keto lifestyle. I have supplied meals for professional athletes preparing for an MMA battle and diabetes patients looking to cut weight, lower blood sugar and reduce or eliminate medication. If you follow a program that requires more carbs then grab some rice or a bun and dig in!

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver throughout Lethbridge.

How much is made on-house?

No cans are harmed in the making of my meals – aside from a small mountain of chipotle cans. 

Every sauce I use in every meal is made from scratch, using the freshest ingredients I can find – locally sourced, and organic when possible. My in-house-made creations include our: Italian sausage, ground chorizo, naked bacon, hot sauce, chipotle mayo (except for the canned chipotles), marinara, sauerkraut, burger sauce, BBQ sauce).

Do you use artificial preservatives or artificial ingredients?

No, none, never, nada, nein. If I can’t make the sauce, guaranteed I bought an organic version like ‘no sugar added organic ketchup’ – although, to be honest, I make that usually as well.

Is this all gluten free as well?

It is!! Not today gluten!! NOT today.

Who are your suppliers?

I love working with local suppliers whenever I can. That includes: Broek Pork, Crystal Dairy, Mann’s Eggs, and Broxburn Vegetables to name a few. 

In summer, you may even catch me at the farmer’s market, checking the produce each week to grab some seasonal vegetables.

If you know of a great free-range, pasture-raised, no pesticide, doin’ their best little farm that I can support rifle me a message! That info’s like GOLD!

Will this help even if I am not Keto/low carb?

It is wholesome nutritious food made from scratch. Ya, it’ll improve your health quotient.