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When you stock wholesome, healthy food, eating well becomes simple. We offer a variety of ingredients and condiments you can take home and store in your freezer, fridge or shelf to make sure you always have a healthy for your grumbling stomach.

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Want to know our secret recipe?

Time = Taste


With at least 16 hours of simmer-time brewed into every carton, you get every ounce of flavour-filled goodness from our special blend of ingredients (which includes all organic ingredients and bones from grass-fed animals), along with a host of health benefits, collagen and gelatin, and a boost to your immune system and gut health. Our broths are great on their own, or they’re a perfect blank canvas to bring other dishes and soups to life. 

Choose from a variety of options, including Beef, Chicken or Veggie

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Our gateway drug to a low-carb lifestyle, this cauliflower crust gives you all the taste without the high carb count. The texture? Chewy. The flavour? Aromatic. The potential uses? Limited by only your imagination. You’ve got to taste it to believe it. We can be your cauliflower crust pusher.

Available Direct from High Q Foods

These ingredients aren’t available in stores, but you can order them direct from us!

Angry Al’s Hot Sauce (5oz)

Our fermented hot sauce is a spicy combination of Serrano peppers and Jalapenos – only they sit until they’re feisty enough to bite back. You’ll get a ton of flavour with every dash of this sauce – you’ll also get millions of probiotics to keep your gut healthy. That’s what we call double dippin’!

Naked Bacon (200 gr.)

Simply put, Naked Bacon is simply delicious. Taking our pork back to basics, we add nothing but salt and smoke to the meat in a curing process that takes 10 days and removes most of the water weight. While every other bacon is getting all dressed up with nitrates, artificial flavours and preservatives, ours is letting it all hang out. One bite, and you’re hooked. Simple as that.

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