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High Q Foods serves a delicious variety of healthy foods made from scratch using our unique blends of spices, sauces, and dressings.

Our Chef

Alan's journey began with a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis and the grim prognosis that it was incurable, but he refused to accept this verdict.

He had a history of cutting weight for sports, thinking it was a healthy lifestyle, but instead, it wreaked havoc on his metabolism. After the diabetes diagnosis, he stubbornly avoided medication for nine years, trying to control his blood sugar through weight loss alone. It failed, leading to severe health problems.

Determined to change, Alan delved into research and discovered the power of a low-carb lifestyle. By carefully managing his diet, focusing on limiting sugars, and embracing high-quality vegetables and proteins, he successfully normalized his blood sugar in three months, without medication or insulin.

Alan used his passion for cooking to create nutritious and healthy products from bone broth to "Angry Al's" hot sauce. As demand grew for these early products, he was inspired to help others manage their metabolic syndromes and launched High Q Foods where he could prepare delicious take-home meals for everyone.

Now Alan is a nutritional coach with a passion for helping others use food as medicine so they can conquer their own health challenges.

Freshness Served Daily.

All our food is made from scratch and locally sourced as much as possible. Our dressings, sauces, and spice blends are made in-house by Chef Alan.

In addition to the individually packaged meals you can pre-order or pick up in-store, we produce a range of items from bone broth to Angry Al's Hot Sauce. Our variety of products include gut healthy products like sauerkraut and gut shots, family meals like lasagna and cabbage rolls, and items you can use to cook at home like cheese buns and cauliflower pizza crusts.

Our chefs work daily in a commercial kitchen at Purple Carrot Health & Wellness where all our products are available to purchase.

Eat Outside The Box

This is not what you've been taught about healthy food.

Learn How Food Can Help You Heal

Whether you're trying to lose weight, reverse diabetes, train for a fight, or just want to feel better, Chef Alan can help. Book an appointment to learn how simple food can make all the difference.

Hear From Our Customers

Lana Walsh

The food is amazing! Al uses high quality ingredients, the portion sizes are big, and the flavour is like nothing you can get anywhere else. If you're looking for delicious, pre-cooked homemade meals, this is the place to go.

Loralee Burton

I have just started ordering meals and they are delicious. So nice that food so good is so good for me.


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