Eating healthy
should be simple.

We serve up all-natural, Grass-fed, Low-Carb
No Preservatives, No Nitrates, Made in-house,
Just. Good. Food.

Eating healthy
should be simple.

We serve up Just. Good. Food.

Fuel your body

Eating well shouldn’t take a lifetime to master.

Ingredients for health

Better ingredients for healthier choices

Our customers are loving High Q Foods. Hear what they are saying:

I view food completely different now thanks to Al! The passion in the food industry radiates through him and he delivers the education so well!! You can tell he truly loves what he does!Thanks to the knowledge I am learning I have never felt so good with the foods I’m eating and it’s not a chore with the way he’s helped customize things! He simplifies things so well and it’s been fun!! Can't thank him enough for this literal life changing experience!”


Awesome meals, best I have tried. Game changer for keeping me ready for my fights and training.”

-Lee Mein, Professional MMA Fighter

Bought some pizza crusts as good ones are so hard to make or to find. Tried as soon as I got home making one with own sauce and ingredients. Crusts were rigid enough that hold. up after sliced and taste delicious. Thanks Alan!”


HQ – Health Quotient

There is IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ (emotional quotient), and now we have HQ!